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Wide-Format Blueprints

We have converted millions wide format blueprint records. Lowest rates guaranteed.

Microfilm & Microfiche

We convert millions of microfilm images to digital format annually offering low competitive rates.

Document Scanning

We convert millions of small format letter / legal documents annually. Lowest rates guaranteed.

Advanced Data Solutions (ADS) has been serving Florida & Georgia government and commercial customers since inception in 1999. We began with a small group of business partners focused on providing clients an easier way to manage paper and electronic records. Our initial focus on Florida & Georgia city government positioned ADS as a leader of imaging technology shortly after the passing of Y2K. Obtaining over 100 Florida & Georgia government clients within our first 3 years of business, our company was critical to the transition from old technology (microfilm) to digital archiving within the government sector.

ADS’ commitment to our clients’ success remains at the forefront of our strategic purpose. We believe that investing time to understand our clients’ objectives is the driving force behind our ability to design and deliver “best of breed” solutions. Our solutions realize an organization’s business goals and objectives, using state-of-the-art technology.


Advanced Data Solutions provides solutions for state and local government, including county and city clerk offices, building management departments, planning and zoning, public safety, and more.


Our drag-and-drop form tools also allow you to eliminate inefficient email and manual routing for important documents such as admissions, financial aid, invoices, grant documentation, and contracts.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

When your employees have the ability to access every necessary piece of information in one singular place, the workplace becomes more efficient saving time and money.

Human Resources
Human Resources

Utilizing our accounts payable and receivable systems, you will not only see a drastic decrease in cost of labor and processing time, but a higher level of communication and overall efficiency.

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